Customer Support Agreements (CSAs)

Customer Support Agreements (CSAs)

The Customer Support Agreements helps you integrate various needs such as the purchasing of parts, maintenance and repair. It provides you with a comprehensive equipment management plan. From a PM plan to a comprehensive maintenance & repair plan, you can work with the SEM dealer to formulate a management plan that matches your requirements and schedule. The maintenance & repair work can be done in advance when possible.

Customer Support Agreements

Customer Support Agreements (CSAs) is professional equipment management service solution for SEM customers provided by SEM dealer.

CSAs provide customized service solution according to equipment application and customer’s special needs which free customers from complex equipment service and management works and focus on growth of their core business.

SEM dealers offer variety of CSAs to meet various customer needs:

  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) CSAs
  • Repair CSAs
  • Component Overhaul Agreement
  • Component Exchange Agreement
  • Total Maintenance & Repair CSAs
  • Parts Supply Agreement

Preventive Maintenance (PM) CSAs

PM CSAs provides customer with services includes:

  • Machine inspection and service proposal
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Machine Condition-monitoring
  • Parts and Oil Supply

Professional maintenance can effectively lower machine operating cost, improve production, and improve machine life.

PM CSAs is suitable for all types of machines, includes new, used, rental, and machines with Extended Protection Plan (EPP) etc.

Repair CSAs

Lack of skilled mechanic?

Repair CSAs provides customized services include:

  • Machine Inspection
  • Trouble-shooting and Repair
  • Repair Plan
  • Repair Quality Guaranty

With special production requirement? 24 hours support or on-site support, various tailored service are available in SEM dealer repair CSAs

Component Overhaul Agreement

No capability to do component overhaul?

Component Overhaul Agreement offers:

  • Component Condition-monitoring
  • Component Overhaul/Rebuild
  • Component Overhaul Plan and Budget
  • Component Overhaul Quality Guaranty

Component Exchange Agreement

Tight production goal with long downtime for component repair?
How to deal with scrapped components?
High cost for replacement of a new component?

Component Exchange Agreement offers:

  • Component Exchange
  • Old component trade in
  • Rebuild Component Quality Guaranty

Customer can choose to trade old component in for a new component or a rebuild component at lower cost.

Total Maintenance & Repair (TMR) CSAs

No mechanics and equipment management professionals?

Total Maintenance & Repair CSAs provides customer with comprehensive
maintenance, repair, and equipment management:

  • Maintenance and Service Plan, Parts Planning
  • Maintenance, Inspection, Condition-monitoring
  • Repair and Component Overhaul
  • Equipment Management
  • Operation Training, Daily Service Training

Customers focus on production , Dealers focus on machine management.

Equipment Management

Machine abused? Improper service? Dirty workshop? Shortage of parts?
Repair over budget? Unpredictable cashflow?
You need an expert in equipment management.

Dealer professionals provide comprehensive equipment management service:

  • Application Training
  • Improve Component Life
  • Parts Planning
  • Fluid Management
  • Workshop planning and management
  • Service Budget

Combination of Multiple Solutions

Provide flexible portfolio to meet various needs of customers:

  • Training (Maintenance, Operation
  • Application), Genuine Parts Supply
  • Technical Support from Factory
  • On-site Support for fleet customer
  • Product Improvement/Update
  • Equipment Management/Consultancy and Assessment

Combination of Warranty and Extended Protection Plan (EPP)

Standard Warranty, EPP, and CSAs can be used at same time. Customer Support Agreements provides service beyond of Warranty and EPP.

Flexible Payment Methods

Provide multiple payment methods for various agreements ensuring protection of customer interest, includes:

  • Service Charge as actual labor hours
  • Service Charge as standard labor hours
  • Monthly Service Fee
  • Parts Charge as actual consumption
  • Contracted Capped Charge

Combination of Warranty and Extended Protection Plan (EPP)

Standard Warranty, EPP, and CSAs can be used at same time. Customer Support Agreements provides service beyond of Warranty and EPP.

Partner to success

Customer Support Agreements supporting your success.

We are successfully supporting our customers in mining, tunneling, port, paving, construction, and quarry etc.